beatiful tenor ukulele made of zebrawood

We are a community ukulele group. We were created to share with others our love for the ukulele.


  • Provide a supportive environment for learning new songs, build playing skills and share songs in a structured environment.

  • Promote the ukulele in Colorado Springs and share it within our community.

  • Spread the word about musicians, educational opportunities and other community ukulele groups who play or compose for the ukulele.​


  • No membership fee to participate.

  • Just show up for a meeting with your ukulele, music stand, pencil/pen and print out the music from our website. You are responsible for printing out your own music.

  • All levels of playing welcome.

  • We are on Facebook.

  • Group fun strum from our selection of simple songs.
  • Education session is where we learn one new great song a month. This is designed to help members with their skills.
  • Sharing of songs from the membership. This is where we put it on you. If you share a song, you have to be able to lead the group in the song. PLEASE try not to make it too complicated so all can enjoy joining in. Please email us the song so we can post it on the website for the group to print out for the upcoming meeting.
  • We will have a brief open mic for anyone who would love to play a song for the group. Please let the group leader know if you would like to play for the group.
  • Most important HAVE FUN!!!!!